Reimagine to Grow
Digitise to grow
Commercialise to grow


Decorative Scales of Justice

I setup Disrupt2Grow Consulting after meeting several senior frontline P&L owner-execs in the past 24 months who are ‘befuddling’ their way in their large organisations,


Why Disrupt2Grow? The need to disrupt in business today

Disruption is the new normal. Disrupt2Grow works as a partner with clients to take ownership of results across two main areas,
1. Enable established companies to re-imagine growth by making them view market disruptions as an opportunity rather than as a threat, and to help transform old brick-and-mortar business models to newer digital click-and-mortar models.
2. Encourage visionary and innovative firms to storm established business models with disruptive competition hyper-charged by technology, and help founders of such firms – who are often technical wizards – to pursue sound commercialization strategies and sustainable revenue models.

Re-imagine to grow

Bring Startup thinking to your business.

Digitise to grow

Go Click-and-Mortarfrom Brick and Mortar.

Commercialise to grow

Monetise your idea, price to sustain.

Innovate to Grow

Empower not sell, Engage not serve, Value not price.

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