About Us

Company overview

I setup Disrupt2Grow Consulting after meeting several senior frontline P&L owner-execs in the past 24 months who are ‘befuddling’ their way in their large organisations, missing revenue or growth numbers and then trying hard to keep their jobs by ‘restructuring’,knee-jerk cost cutting measures and even more powerpoints.

Some have been brave to ask for help.

Many classic ‘safe’ revenue lines are in rapid decline as leaders struggle to adapt to business model disruption, changes in market dynamics and the ‘Digital’ phenomenon. ‘Creative Disruption’, ‘Chief Innovation Officer’ & hackathons are invading classical brick and mortar industries. The ‘tech’ suffix in fintech/insuretech/regtech/comparetech is now universal.

Disrupt2Grow is an answer to this phenomenon. We consist of a group of disruptors with industry specialisms in classic brick and mortar industries but who are also at home with ‘tech’ expertise. We bring ‘entrepreneur’ mindset in finding answers to falling numbers for existing products/services, or to drive growth for a new product. We help senior execs re-discover their businesses and meet growth challenges.

We differ from a typical consulting company in that we also take ‘ownership’ to deliver real results.

Our objective is single-mindedly always the same irrespective of sector, size or location: Delivering Growth Results: be it Revenues,Market share, Margins, new clients or markets or simply an organisational re-orientation in mindset about growth in a disrupt-ridden environment.

some more coming

Disrupt2Grow currently has ‘Disruptors’ in London, New York, San Fransisco, Singapore, India…and we expect to cover more countries soon