About Us

Company overview

I setup Disrupt2Grow Consulting in 2017 after meeting several senior execs and P&L owners in large established corporates who were ‘befuddling’ their way after missing revenue or growth numbers and then trying hard to retain their jobs by ‘restructuring’, knee-jerk cost cutting measures and even more powerpoints.

Similar symptoms of marketplace changes were also echoed by SME/owner managed business clients, both in B2B and B2C, of being forced to adapt to an internationalised 24×7 marketplace and change in customer behaviours.

The effect of Digital Disruption was getting louder and clearer.

Some of these companies have been brave to ask for help.

I realised companies needed help to think and compete like a Digital Native. A mere ‘digitising’ by appending a website to an existing business was hardly adequate to compete in a rapidly changing marketplace.

Disrupt2Grow currently has ‘Disruptors’ in London, New York, San Fransisco, Singapore, India…and we expect to cover more countries soon