Digital Breakout Growth Product for a an UK Utilities company.

The client is a listed international utilities company with diversified interests. It’s UK arm has a 2m customer base & was desirous of growth and diversification from a price regulated business in which the main challenge was really managing return on its fixed assets & keeping regulators happy.

We worked with the execs to create a digital breakout model, get seed funding and infuse a culture of innovation.

The proposition was built on two pillars ‘We not Me’ i.e. industry partnerships and ‘Prove as you go’ i.e. fund the venture as a start-up.

The customer offer would be a ‘portfolio of products’ and priced on freemium basis.

A 18 month, 36 month and 5 year time horizon was taken for ROI calculations that included scenarios for different Customer acquisition costs (CAC) and phased rollout – initially into its catchment, and later nationally.

An acquisition was soon made after the initial funding was sanctioned by the board.